Truly Pure and Natural Skin Care Products

A recent project was to examine all of the products in my house and check out the ingredients on the EWG website to find out what was really in them.  I was disappointed to find that many of my favorite “all natural and pure” skin care products had some questionable ingredients.  So I did a search to find products that had zero “bad” stuff.  That is where I found Annmarie Gianni skin care.  I loved their website and the mission to bring high quality, truly toxin free skin care to consumers.  I was impressed with what their customers were saying so I ordered samples and LOVE the products.  I even bought them for my 19 year old daughter and my mom – great for all ages.  I also love all the positive messages and product specials posted on their Facebook page.



As a reminder, all of the product recommendations on this blog are for products I’ve bought, tried and liked enough to tell other people.  Many of them have affiliate programs where I receive a small commission by sending customers to their website which I use to defray the costs of the blog, and to make contributions to EWG and other worthwhile organizations.  If you prefer not to do that, simply don’t use the blog links.