What’s in Your Makeup?

beautiful woman with brushesJust like most commercial personal care products, makeup products are often laden with problematic ingredients.  Many also contain gluten. Unfortunately gluten is not always easy to spot as complete ingredients are not always listed or may include derivatives of gluten.  Checking a company’s website or contacting them directly to ask about gluten in specific products is often helpful.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a list of chemicals of concern and in which products they are commonly found.  The Campaign also has a list of companies designated as Champions for signing a pledge of safety and transparency in their products.

Once again the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website is a great resource where you can search for information about your favorite makeup products so you can make an informed decision about what you put onto your face and absorb through your skin.  You can also use the database to find products with zero to low levels of toxic chemicals.

I used the Skin Deep database to find makeup free of toxic ingredients and found Rejuva Minerals.  I liked the ability to order trial sizes, especially important when trying to find the right shade of foundation.  You can even send in your current powder foundation and they will find you a matching shade or you can send in a photo.  They also offer helpful tutorial videos on how to apply their products.  (I do not receive any affiliate compensation for recommending Rejuva Minerals – just passing on info about a company whose products I tried and liked.)

I am sure there are other great companies with non-toxic products as well and I did not do any sort of exhaustive search to seek out “the best”.  I found a company whose products worked for me and moved on.  I also think that sometimes you might find there just isn’t a good non-toxic alternative to your favorite product so you use it anyway, but at least you’ve cut down significantly on the number of toxic chemicals you are using and that works for you.  Best of all, you are making an informed decision!  I think that’s the key to all of this research.