What’s in My Medicine Cabinet?

EverydayOils2There isn’t much in my medicine cabinet these days.  I no longer buy aspirin, cold medicines, Neosporin, Alka-Seltzer, Bengay, Nyquil etc.  Instead we use Young Living Essential Oils as toxin free support for staying healthy.  Essential oils were have been used for thousands of years to support our body’s health.  It is important to use only pure, therapeutic-grade oils and not cheap or perfume oils which are used for their aromatic qualities.  You want oils that can be safely ingested.  Young Living controls the entire production cycle of their oils to ensure quality.

YL Essential Oils can be applied topically, diffused, or ingested.  They can be worn as a fragrance, inhaled, in bathwater, in dishwashers, for laundry, and for cleaning.  Essential oils are chemically very heterogeneous – meaning they are very diverse in their effects and each can perform several different functions.

Here are some examples of how my family has used essential oils to keep us healthy – there are hundreds of uses, these are just some recent examples for us personally.  Note:  If we dilute the oils we always use coconut oil (the YL V-6 vegetable oil contains gluten).

  • Lavender to calm insect bites, wounds, burns, itching, sunburn and support healthy sleep
  • Di-Gize – a few drops in a capsule and swallowed to support healthy digestion
  • Peppermint to relieve head pressure, deter ants, increase energy
  • Panaway to ease stressed muscles
  • Eucalyptus to support a healthy respiratory system
  • Thieves internally and diffused to support a healthy immune system
  • R.C. blend (diffused, inhaled and rubbed on throat and chest) to encourage comfort
  • Abundance and Joy blends diffused several times a week and used as perfume to enhance feelings of happiness
  • Peace & Calming rubbed on feet at bedtime to enhance peaceful sleep
  • Peppermint or Orange oil – a drop in a pitcher of water kept in the fridge for a refreshing drink

Diffusing oils with a YL diffuser is a fantastic way to enjoy both the health benefits of essential oils and the wonderful aromatherapy.  Oils are a fantastic alternative to candles and you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes or burning down the house!

We have found essential oils to be an effective and cost efficient way to support our healthy bodies and spirits without harmful chemicals.  YL Essential Oils can also be used successfully on pets.  Here’s an interview with the “oily vet” who talks about essential oils from the veterinarian’s perspective.

There is a wealth of information about Young Living Essential Oils on their website(Note:  You can save up to 24% by becoming a Wholesale Member – details are on the website.  This doesn’t require you to sell anything but is a great way to buy oils at a discount.  Use Sponsor ID 1507009 when you sign up!)

I encourage you to research the many benefits of essential oils as an important part of your wellness program.