We Love Being Well Fed

PaleoCookbook_Cover_Sept29_smallWhen we first embraced the paleo lifestyle, there were few paleo cookbooks available.  Over the past few years many have been published as Paleo has become more mainstream.  Initially I bought them all.   It was a low risk purchase as they were being written by people whose blogs I read almost daily and I had already tried and loved many of their recipes.  I also felt strongly about financially supporting the fledgling paleo cookbook industry so it would continue to grow.  Seeing Paleo cookbooks at a mainstream place like Costco is a tell tale sign that Paleo has arrived.

I’ve lost count of the number of the books I have purchased and sent to people as gifts (thank you Amazon Prime for making that so easy!)  There is no better way to show someone your conviction in a publication by spending your own money and sending it to them.  It’s also one of those acts of kindness gestures that people really appreciate so there are good feelings at both ends.

My favorite cookbook author is Melissa Joulwan.  Her website theclothesmakethegirl is still one of my favorites.  Her two books, Well Fed and Well Fed 2 are the first ones I recommend to friends getting started with Paleo.  There is so much packed into these books and the recipes are both super tasty and unique.  So many seasonings!  This is nothing like boring old chicken and steamed vegetables.  Even when I am missing ingredients or leave something out by preference, they taste great.

Tonight I cooked dinner out of Well Fed 2 – Tod Mun Chicken Cakes with Cucumber Relish, Coconut Cauliflower Rice and Tropical Chopped Salad.  I also quickly whipped up some Remoulade sauce which was a great accompaniment to the cakes.  For me the relish was what made it a stand out.  Here’s my plate (and yes my photography is amateurish as I haven’t yet taken that “how to take amazing photographs for your blog” class).  I am also going to have to invest in some cool dinnerware….

Well Fed dinner

Another great reason to make Remoulade sauce is Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes (also in Well Fed 2).  Since these cook in the oven they are all done at one time which is a big benefit over cooking things in batches.  Remoulade sauce is why you must make homemade mayo (another reason is store bought mayo is absolutely nasty stuff).  Another stellar reason to make mayo is so you can eat Waldorf Tuna Salad (Well Fed 1).  It’s quick to make and tastes wonderful even if you are lazy and leave out the scallions and use dried parsley (I know it’s sacrilege to not use fresh parsley but I don’t always have it on hand).

Making homemade mayo is so worthwhile (and was tricky for me in the beginning) that I am going to do a separate post on it.  You know you are doing something right when your kid asks “what sauce are we having with that?”

In addition to those mentioned above, these are some of the recipes that are in our regular dinner rotation:

Well Fed 1 (my book got so much use I had to take it apart and put it into a binder with sheet protectors):

  • Hot Plates – we have made many of these and generally have a skillet dinner at least once a week.  It’s easy to create your own versions.
  • Pad Thai
  • Chocolate Chili
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Zucchini Noodles Aglio Et Olio

Well Fed 2

  • Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon (listed first for a reason – it’s our hands down favorite soup)
  • Meatballs – especially Classic Pork and Italian
  • Thyme-Braised Short Ribs (well worth the time)
  • West African Chicken Stew (I use almond butter instead of sunflower seed butter)
  • Spaghetti Squash Fritters

More blog posts on great paleo cookbooks and websites are on their way!  Happy cooking!