The Secret

the secretI’ve read a number of self enlightenment books and it’s interesting how you can read a book at one point in your life and it doesn’t resonate or have much of an impact.  Another time you read a book with a similar message and it makes a big impact.  Most books about happiness, creating wealth, getting what you want, following your passion all have a similar theme.  Yet each will approach the message in a slightly different way which is good, as we are all different, we all process information in different ways, focus on different aspects of what we are hearing, and apply what we have learned in different ways.  I started reading a book probably 20 years ago that talked about changing your life through exercises of daily gratitude.  I practiced it for a short while, but didn’t develop it as a habit.  Guess I wasn’t ready for it at that point in time.

I have always loved to read.  Because I spend a lot of time in the car, for many years I have been a big fan of audio books.  I used to download them to my computer and burn CDs to listen to in the car.  When I got an iPhone I started using iTunes and then an Audible app to listen to books on my phone.

A few years ago I listened to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  I also watched her movie called The Secret.  This time the message really resonated with me and from time to time I return to the audio book and listen again.  I have probably listened to The Secret, or her subsequent book The Power, more than 10 times over these last few years.  Each time I would hear something I hadn’t heard before or it seems like what I am hearing that day is somehow exactly what I need to hear.  I subscribe to a daily Secret Teachings app so every morning I get a reminder of the lessons from The Secret.  I also subscribe to a free Secret Scrolls email which periodically sends messages of inspiration.  You might think this is overkill, but it takes only a few brief moments each day to read the app or read the email and it reinforces the message.

The Secret is the Law of Attraction (like attracts like).  Understanding this law and using it to work for you, instead of against you, will enhance your life.  Similarly, The Power is Love and how you can use the power of love to realize your dreams.  The key to making the law of attraction work for you is to believe you can.  In the words of Henry Ford, “whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you are right“.

There are thousands of stories of how people have recognized the law of attraction in action.  Here is a quick one for me.  My husband and I were out to dinner at a crowded restaurant, waiting at a table in the bar for the hostess to seat us.  An older couple walked in and were standing because all the bar tables were taken.  I suggested to my husband that we ask them to share our table so they could be more comfortable.  He did and they joined us.  We engaged them in conversation and it turned out the man was someone my husband had been wanting to meet!  Now you might say what good luck it was that we should happen to meet this couple.  I believe because we did something out of love and generosity (inviting strangers to share our table) the universe provided something my husband wanted.  Almost every day I can find examples where something like this happens – I call them positive evidences.  By focusing on these positive evidences you are reinforcing your belief in the law of attraction and increasing your desire to create more.

Bellflower-PlantThere are other books that build on these same ideas that I will be suggesting in future blogs.  It’s not like you have to spend a lot of time reading (or listening to) self enlightenment books, but I believe it’s a great basis for starting to make desired changes in your life.  Often these are ideas we understand intellectually, but it takes practice, some work and sometimes just hearing it from a different angle to really incorporate them into your life with feeling.  When you see the positive changes that result, the desire to take it further and deeper blossoms.