Toxin Free Laundry Products

As I mentioned in a previous blog posting about detoxing your home, I’ve been using Tropical Traditions powdered laundry detergent.  However, when I went to reorder recently they were out of stock (guess this great product has really become popular!). A new search for natural laundry detergents led me to this recommended list on Mother […]

Cooking Oils

Not surprisingly, it turns out conventional knowledge about cooking oils is pretty much opposite of what we should be eating for optimal health.  The good news is conventional wisdom is finally starting to change as evidenced by Time Magazine’s recent magazine cover declaring “Eat Butter”.  Fats do not make us fat and saturated fats serve […]

Easy Paleo Treat – Chocolate Coconut Peppermint Squares

I found this recipe online a while ago, but unfortunately can’t remember where to give credit!  I’ve modified it slightly and make it whenever we are craving something sweet or want to take a simple dessert somewhere.  Dark chocolate, coconut, peppermint and honey are a very healthy combination to satisfy your sweet tooth! Chocolate Coconut […]

Detoxing Your Home

We are exposed to harmful toxins on a daily basis.  Toxic chemicals are found everywhere in our environment: in our food, water, the air we breathe, the products we use on our skin and in our cleaning and laundry products.  We have the most control over the choices we make with the products we use […]