Immunity Smoothie

Before Paleo, I had a smoothie almost every morning for breakfast.  Since Paleo, I’ve preferred a protein centric pastured egg breakfast with veggies and meat which carries me longer through the morning and is more waistline friendly.  Every once in a while though I have a hankering for the fruity, luxurious taste of a smoothie. […]

Cooking Oils

Not surprisingly, it turns out conventional knowledge about cooking oils is pretty much opposite of what we should be eating for optimal health.  The good news is conventional wisdom is finally starting to change as evidenced by Time Magazine’s recent magazine cover declaring “Eat Butter”.  Fats do not make us fat and saturated fats serve […]

Superfood Smoothie

Before Paleo, I used to have a fruit smoothie for breakfast almost every morning and drank it in the car on the way to work.  Unfortunately it was a lot of sugar and I was starving again by mid morning and it wasn’t helping with my progress on losing that last 15 lbs.  Now I […]