What’s in My Medicine Cabinet?

There isn’t much in my medicine cabinet these days.  I no longer buy aspirin, cold medicines, Neosporin, Alka-Seltzer, Bengay, Nyquil etc.  Instead we use Young Living Essential Oils as toxin free support for staying healthy.  Essential oils were have been used for thousands of years to support our body’s health.  It is important to use […]

What’s in Your Makeup?

Just like most commercial personal care products, makeup products are often laden with problematic ingredients.  Many also contain gluten. Unfortunately gluten is not always easy to spot as complete ingredients are not always listed or may include derivatives of gluten.  Checking a company’s website or contacting them directly to ask about gluten in specific products […]

Healthy Pizza

We’ve tried a few different versions of pizza in an attempt to find something we all like that is grain free.  We’ve tried enjoyed Meatza but found it was sometimes just too much meat and our kids weren’t fans.  We aren’t lovers of gluten free pizza crust, as they just don’t sit well with us […]

Bread – Missing the Staff of Life?

One of the more frequent comments people make to me when they start the Paleo diet is that they miss bread.  Lots of people I know who are avoiding gluten are fans of Udi’s Gluten Free bread products but I would suggest these are not a great alternative.  Not to slam Udi products in particular, […]

Just Natural Hair Care

It’s pretty alarming what is in many of the products we use every day.  Especially for products I use on a daily basis, I want them to be as free as possible of questionable ingredients and I want them to work well and smell good.   I also want products that are gluten and soy free.  […]

Grain Brain

People fear getting Alzheimer’s more than death.  More and more kids are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.   People are overwhelmed with anxiety and depression.  There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies looking for drugs to resolve these problems once they occur.  According to neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter there is something we can do to […]

Listen to Your Body Talk

One thing I’ve noticed as I have gotten cleaner with good foods, pure personal care products and toxin free household products is that when I have contact with something my body doesn’t like it really lets me know.  For example in March my family went on holiday and enjoyed balmy weather and the relaxing environment […]