A Better Guacamole “Chip”

We love guacamole and avocados are fantastic brain food!  Tortilla chips are generally a thing of the past for us since they are made with either flour or corn tortillas, although we will occasionally indulge in corn chips.  Afterwards though I find I often need a nap… Recently we found a fantastic substitute while dining […]

Memorial Day – Thank You

Memorial Day was declared a national holiday in 1971 to honor the men and women who died while serving in the armed forces.  In 1999 Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month to ensure the nation was given the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service […]

Grain Brain

People fear getting Alzheimer’s more than death.  More and more kids are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.   People are overwhelmed with anxiety and depression.  There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies looking for drugs to resolve these problems once they occur.  According to neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter there is something we can do to […]