Quick Tuna Avocado Salad

photo 1I love having tuna salad for lunch, particularly Well Fed Tuna Salad with its chopped apple and pecans.  When the paleo mayo jar is empty, I can usually whip some up in a hurry,  but today I was out of lemons.  I did have limes and could have made lime mayo, but did something even easier.

I juiced a lime and mashed it with a ripe avocado.  Opened a can of tuna, added a little olive oil, mashed it up and added it to the avocado.  Added about a tablespoon of minced red onion, salt and pepper and mixed well.  Easy, tasty and healthy – my favorite combination.

I prefer Wild Planet Wild Tuna which I buy at the local Costco.  Wild Planet has more Omega 3 and lower mercury than conventional brands.  Not only does avocado make a creamy mayo substitute, but it has great health benefits as well.