Positive Living

sunset_beach_jump_joy_peopleAfter 24 posts (wow.. can’t believe I have written that much already!), I realized I hadn’t yet written about positive living.  It’s time to start!

I believe that the degree of a person’s health and happiness are the result of lifestyle choices.  Our bodies are amazing organisms.   If we provide the right raw materials, our bodies do an stellar job of keeping us healthy.  In similar fashion, I believe what we think about provides the impetus for how happy we feel regardless of what is going on around us.

Sometimes there are significant obstacles in our way that make it more difficult to make “good” choices and I don’t mean to underestimate those challenges.  I will also be sharing some alternatives that can potentially help to overcome those challenges (some of which will seem quite unconventional) in future posts.  As you likely have guessed already, none of these will include pharmacological “solutions”.  Drugs mask the problem or treat the symptoms, but rarely get to the root of the issue and have significant negative side effects.

I have read many books about how our thoughts create our reality.  While people have a tendency to be natural optimists or pessimists, I believe you can choose to be happy regardless of the events that unfold around you.  It’s how you react to the events that matters.  In every situation, good and bad, there is something to be learned.

In subsequent posts, I plan to recommend reading material that I have found to be incredibly powerful.  What I have also learned is that most of this material isn’t broaching a new subject, but rather looking at the subject from a different angle.  We all learn differently and what resonates with one person, doesn’t with another.  It’s also true that material can impact you at one point in your life quite differently than at another – it’s when you are open to the ideas that they have the greatest impact.

Some key concepts you will see unfolding throughout these posts include

  • the law of attraction
  • the power of gratitude and love
  • recognizing positive evidences
  • the power of giving
  • embracing uncertainty and change and letting go of fear
  • being present in daily life

I’ve been reading about these ideas and implementing them for the last few years and feel that I have come a long way in increasing my own good health and happiness.  I love the thought that through these postings I might have a positive impact on others.  I am in no way a therapist or expert, but as with everything on this blog, am simply sharing ideas that I have found useful in the hope others might benefit as I have.

More to come…