Peruvian-Style Chicken

peruvian chickenLast weekend I picked up a new Paleo cookbook at Costco – Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker of Against all Grain.  I still have plenty of recipes to try in all of the cookbooks I’ve already recommended on this blog, but I couldn’t resist buying this one.  I love looking at cookbooks as much as I enjoy cooking although I don’t actually have that many – especially compared to Michelle Tam of NomNomPaleo!

Danielle has had quite a journey from being debilitated by autoimmune disease to living a  vibrant, healthy life and she accomplished this by changing her diet.  Yet more proof that food has a direct impact on health!

I love that all of the recipes are gluten free, dairy free and paleo.  Danielle also highlights recipes that are free of eggs, tree nuts, nightshades or only contain ingredients allowed on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  There are slow cooker recipes as well as one pot and less than 30 minutes recipes.  She provides information on paleo ingredients, shopping smart strategies and her top tips for getting food on the table in the least stressed and least time-consuming manner.  Also included are eight weeks of dinner ideas and shopping lists.

peruvian chicken 3I am a big fan of oven roasted chicken so the first recipe I tried was peruvian-style chicken.  It was very easy and I used two bags of pre-diced butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes which made the prep time even faster.  I usually roast chicken at 425 degrees for an hour, starting skin side down and turning it over halfway.  I did the same with this recipe as I felt 45 minutes wouldn’t be long enough, especially with an entire cut up chicken packed on top of veggies.  An hour was perfect as the chicken was crispy and the veggies tender with the seasoning making everything very tasty.  I am a big fan of meat and veggies in the same pan and it looked beautiful as well!

Don’t have the cookbook but want to try a similar recipe?  I found this one at  It’s pretty close and you can just add diced butternut squash or sweet potato.  Danielle’s recipe calls for the veggies on the bottom and chicken on the top so you can turn it halfway which I also recommend for optimal crispy skin.  Or try this one from NomNomPaleo or this NomNomPaleo adaptation.

I am grateful each day for wellness, happiness and the opportunity to share with you.