Paleo on a Budget

People often comment to me that eating Paleo is expensive.  My answer is, well, yes and no.  Yes, grass fed meats and organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than conventional products.  However, I think the cost of not fueling your body with a diet that promotes good health and well being can be more expensive overall than the price of high quality food.

Eating foods that cause inflammation in your body results in more trips to the doctor, expensive drugs (both prescription and over the counter) and time off of work or school.  And what’s the opportunity cost of not feeling good?  Almost everyone I know wants good health but there is no free lunch.  Wellness is a choice and you get what you put into it.

That said, there are ways to make eating Paleo less expensive. Without reinventing the wheel, I’ll share some blog posts that can help you out.

Happy Paleo shopping!