Love is Letting Go of Fear

love is letting goIf you aren’t living a life of peace and fulfillment, it’s typically subconscious thoughts that are holding you back.  Many books on how to achieve happiness, wealth, better relationships, etc focus on changing our thoughts in order to achieve feelings of happiness.  As I mentioned previously, the main theme is often similar, but they have different exercises or ways of thinking about how to effect change and resonate differently with different people.

One book I have found quite helpful is Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky, MD.  The ideas are deceptively simple yet do require some time and effort to implement.  During a time of personal challenges, the author came across writings entitled A Course in Miracles that resulted in his own personal transformation.  The basic premise is there are only two emotions:  love and fear.  Our mind manufactures fears that keep us from feeling inner peace.  By letting go of these fears we can experience more peace in our lives regardless of external chaos.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t experience challenges, impatience and irritation, but these occasions become shorter in duration.

The book provides a series of daily lessons to be practiced in order to learn to consistently apply them throughout the day to achieve longer and longer periods of peace of mind.  I found one of most powerful concepts is consciously deciding during times of stress:  do I want to experience conflict or peace of mind?

Establishing mental habits which push you toward the life you desire can be difficult to master, but are well worth the effort.  It takes conscious choice and persistence of effort to create new habits until they become incorporated into our subconscious and then occur without effort.  Kind of like learning to drive a car.  There is a lot to learn at first – locating the pertinent controls such as the brake, the gas pedal, the turn signals, the lights, the windshield wipers as well as all that is going on externally such as traffic, lane changes, traffic lights, weather, directions of where you are going etc.  With persistence and practice our bodies begin to operate the vehicle with our subconscious automatically applying the brakes, the gas, the turn signal as we have the thought of where we want to go and our body follows through.

Drive on to greater inner peace.