Listen to Your Body Talk

One thing I’ve noticed as I have gotten cleaner with good foods, pure personal care products and toxin free household products is that when I have contact with something my body doesn’t like it really lets me know.  For example in March my family went on holiday and enjoyed balmy weather and the relaxing environment of an all inclusive resort.  It’s vacation so of course there was indulging (pina coladas, sauces, desserts – you know what I’m talking about) that doesn’t usually happen at home.  While it was fun at the time my body let me know it wasn’t thrilled with my choices.  I had a bad acne breakout (most likely from ingesting gluten) that took almost three weeks to finally heal.

teaYesterday I visited a new local spice and tea shop with a gift certificate in hand and purchased a lovely steaming cup and a couple of new teas.  I try hard to check ingredients but sometimes things slip past me and I ended up with a tea that had additional “natural fruit flavors”.  I drank it anyway and found myself awake at 2am with a pounding headache.  I should have known better as I had read this article about tea that will give you pause.  After reading this I mainly stick with Rishi and Traditional Medicinals teas and have no headache issues.

While these events may seem like a bad thing (and realistically it wasn’t pleasant), it was a great reminder that our bodies are great at giving us information.  If I feel tired, wake up during the night with a stomach ache or have a headache I can usually tie it back to something I ate or drank.  The cleaner you are with the choices you make the easier it is to make the connection.  When we eliminate things our body doesn’t tolerate well, it rewards us with a lifetime of good health and vitality.