Inspiration from Women MAKERS

Professional Life CoachingI was fortunate to attend a presentation yesterday given by Betsy West, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.  Besides being a delightful speaker, Betsy is one of the Executive Producers of, a digital library of interviews with trailblazing women in all walks of life.

Betsy spoke about her early career experiences as the lone woman in the newsroom.  Those of us women working in male dominated industries, often the only woman in a room full of men, can certainly relate.  She shared with us just a few of the many interviews with these amazing women, who are firsts in their fields, visionary role models or front-line activists who sparked, and some who opposed, change for women.

I posted one of my favorite quotes a short while ago, about the realization that rejection of something you thought was good was actually a re-direction to something better.  It turns out that was just that sort of thing as Executive Producer Dyllan McGee explains here.

Women MAKERS defied naysayers, believed in themselves, achieved their dreams and showed other women it’s possible to accomplish anything if you want it.  I love these stories and applaud these women for their accomplishments and the ground (and ceilings) they’ve broken.