Chicken Marbella

chicken marbellaWhenever I mention having chicken for dinner, my husband says “Chicken Marbella”?  It is beyond question our favorite chicken dish.

The recipe is from Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry which I mentioned in an earlier post about Paleo cookbooks.  I think $11 is an excellent value for this and many other delicious recipes.

NomNomPaleo posted about this dish back when the cookbook came out last summer.  She made it with bone-in thighs and drumsticks instead of cubed chicken breasts, but we prefer the boneless breasts.  I cut the amount of honey in half which is the perfect amount of sweetness for us.

This recipe is so easy, you just need a little time (2 hours to overnight) for the chicken to soak in the marinade.  Toss it into a dish in the oven and bake.  The abundance of olives, capers and prunes means you get a little sweet and savory with each bite of chicken.

Super simple, amazingly good.