Great Products


  Every once in a while a product comes along that is a total game changer.  For me, the StickeeBra is just that kind of life changing product and I feel so liberated!!  This bra totally works from a fashion perspective, but its really about promoting healthy breasts with the additional benefit of incredible and […]

Toxin Free Hair Styling Products

Similar to other mainstream personal care products, traditional hair styling products usually contain harmful toxins. This info is from the Guide to Less Toxic Products:  Hair sprays, styling gels and mousses keep the hair in place by coating it with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), a plastic polymer, and using solvents to dissolve it in solution and keep […]

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Household cleaning products are very toxic.  Just read the label and poison warnings and you quickly decide you have to get them out of your house.  Manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to list all ingredients because they are trade secrets so you really don’t know what’s in them.  Unfortunately many green products are […]

Update to Toxin Free Laundry Products

Some unfortunate news…. I just heard back from that they are discontinuing the Berryplus laundry soap!  Order some while it’s still in stock! I will try out the Eco Nuts Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent and provide another update.    

Toxin Free Laundry Products

As I mentioned in a previous blog posting about detoxing your home, I’ve been using Tropical Traditions powdered laundry detergent.  However, when I went to reorder recently they were out of stock (guess this great product has really become popular!). A new search for natural laundry detergents led me to this recommended list on Mother […]

What’s In Your Deodorant?

Mainstream personal care products usually contain harmful toxic ingredients.  For example, check out the Environmental Working Group report on Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant or do a search for your own products.  Because we come into contact daily with so many toxins that are outside our control, I have focused on doing my best to use […]

Reusable Shopping Bags

I love using these fantastic reuseit Earthtote reusable shopping bags.  I’ve had them for many years and can’t even remember when I bought them.  Despite frequent use they are still in excellent condition.  Similar in size to a paper bag, they have plenty of capacity and can handle heavy loads. I’ve used Earthtote bags to […]

What’s in Your Makeup?

Just like most commercial personal care products, makeup products are often laden with problematic ingredients.  Many also contain gluten. Unfortunately gluten is not always easy to spot as complete ingredients are not always listed or may include derivatives of gluten.  Checking a company’s website or contacting them directly to ask about gluten in specific products […]

What’s in your Shaving Cream?

Like most commercial personal care products, there are some nasty chemicals in shaving cream.  This post from Annmarie Gianni Skin Care is a good summary.  If you want to check what’s in your particular brand, visit the EWG skin deep database. For ladies shaving in the shower, it’s very easy to substitute your favorite chemical […]

What’s in your Toothpaste?

Do a Google search on the ingredients in toothpaste to avoid and some of the ones mentioned include: Fluoride:  In addition to being more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic, the American Dental Association now believes fluoride is bad for your teeth.  In 2010, the Journal of the American Dental Association published […]