??????????????????I don’t drink most of what is produced by the multi-billion dollar beverage industry which includes soft drinks, flavored bottled water, energy drinks, sports drinks, milk products, coffee and tea based drinks, nutritional drinks, and various alcohol products.  This ever increasing array of beverages is mostly loaded with sugar or contain aspartame, sucralose, or excessive caffeine — hardly a healthy way to stay hydrated.  Plus I prefer to spend my grocery dollars on whole foods rather than processed drinks.

I understand the health benefits many people ascribe to juicing, especially when you limit the fruit and juice mostly vegetables.  I enjoy an occasional green smoothie, especially when it includes other healthy ingredients like chia seeds, hemp seeds and bee pollen.  Bottled juices, on the other hand, are usually very high in sugar and not as beneficial as eating the whole fruit or vegetable.

drinkSo what do I drink?  Mostly water, unsweetened tea (both iced and hot) and wine for the occasional alcoholic beverage.  I never acquired the coffee habit although plenty of paleo enthusiasts drink coffee.  I keep a glass pitcher of Rishi ice tea in the refrigerator (current favorites are Blueberry Hibiscus and Citron Green).  To keep water from getting boring, I keep a glass pitcher of water with a drop of Young Living Orange, Lemon or Lime Essential Oil in the refrigerator as well.  At restaurants I order water with lime to jazz it up.  If I am at Starbucks, I order unsweetened tea and avoid the sugar and milk coffee drinks.

For the serious athlete who needs hydration, coconut water is a recommended choice.  Most people don’t exercise enough to warrant the extra calories in coconut water and of course be aware that not all coconut waters are alike and choose those without added sugar.

The longer you go without drinking soda and sugary drinks, the less you desire them.  When sugar isn’t a big part of your daily consumption these drinks taste overly sweet and unsatisfying.  Bottom line though – if you really want something, have it once in a while and thoroughly enjoy it.  If you don’t really love it, why bother?

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