A Healthier Younger Generation

Many of us become quite excited when we switch to a paleo lifestyle and experience big health benefits.  We often become “that guy” who wants to convert everyone we meet, and even more so with our families.  If we don’t completely alienate all of our non paleo friends first, we usually learn how to tone it down and share when there is real interest (or we start a blog as an outlet for our passion).

healthy snacksOur kids were already teenagers when we changed to the paleo lifestyle and they heard about the benefits ad nauseum although we didn’t force it on them.  Forced no, suggested whenever possible and kept non paleo stuff out of the house, yes.  At times I envied parents who started when their kids were little and thus had more control over what their children ate, but learning happens when it happens.

Our son converted to mostly paleo when we discovered he had a significant gluten intolerance.  It’s fantastic that at 17 he has already embraced the connection between what you eat and how you feel.

At college our daughter ebbed and flowed with her paleo efforts (small college dining halls can be extremely challenging places for eating paleo) but recently started cooking.  This is a big deal for us as she has told me many times that she was not interested in cooking, just eating.   She recently prepared Paleo Chicken Piccata from my blog, then sent me this photo and text:kellys chicken

“This cooking thing is a piece of cake.  I don’t feel bad physically when I’m cooking the food, so figured I’d keep doing it.  Also better than eating out again.”

It is spectacular when your kids figure out that a big part of feeling good is eating right, thus setting themselves up for a lifetime of good health.  I love that cooking for them isn’t intimidating but a way to be more in control of what’s in the food they are eating.

To top it all off, my niece (who just moved into her first apartment) today posted an Instagram photo of Greek Salad she made from a recent blog post.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about the link between food and health with this younger generation!!  And most importantly that they are still speaking to me…